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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution 5K Race Report

What better way to start out the New Year than with a 5K, right?

Okay, technically we didn't do the 5K - we signed up for the 2 mile fun walk - but it's still a great way to get 2012 started off right. I've been pretty negligent about exercising, so this was the perfect opportunity to get out there again and motivate myself.

I've been a little busy around the house lately (I'll post about that soon), so it was good to get outside and do something active. The weather was pretty good - cool and overcast with just a hint of moisture in the air. It did make for a very muddy course, though. So much for my nice clean shoes!

We were a bit worried about my sister because she has suddenly developed a knee problem - significant swelling on her left kneecap. She went to the doc to get it checked out and is waiting for results, so we weren't sure she'd be able to go with us today. She has been taking it easy, though, and said she felt pretty good, so she decided to go ahead and do it. I'm glad, because Team Rogarciaway isn't the same without her!

It was pretty uneventful, except that the course was a little crowded. We were using a walking/running track at a local park and there were, surprisingly, a lot of people there:

It did get pretty crowded when the runners and walkers ended up on the same section of track, but everyone was nice about it and made it work. I'd re-think that idea if I was one of the organizers, though - with the ground being as slippery and muddy (and uneven off the track) as it was, someone could have gotten seriously hurt.

Anyway, we went into the "race" determined NOT to get stuck at the back of the pack this time, and our plan worked - we were the first three walkers to finish! Actually, Josie finished before my sis and I did - she got inspired and took off running as we were on the last leg, finishing a good few minutes ahead of us.

We knew there weren't going to be any awards for walkers, but we were a little disappointed that none of the walkers got ANY recognition at the awards ceremony. I'm not just saying that because we were the first three, either! I'm not asking for an award, but a mention would have been nice.

I took some random pics while waiting for the awards ceremony:

"Beast Mode - ON" - I loved this shirt!

Me and my sister - just call me Bigfoot!

Waiting for the awards presentation

ULTRA inspirational - the women who won the 60+ category!

Winners of the 50-59 age group - they look better than I do!

Yes, a bit of off-trail walking was involved

My sis showing off her muddy shoes

After the awards ceremony, we went to the finish line and took some pics. We figured we wouldn't get run down by anyone since the race was over:

Hear me roar!


My sis Kristi

This was the first race organized by Valley Running Co. (a cool new store) and overall it was a lot of fun. There are a few things I'd have done differently, but hey - we all have to learn from experience, right?

Two weeks until the Longest Causeway 5K at South Padre! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fiesta 5k Race Report

My first ever timing chip (Bailey wanted to wear it, apparently)
I did the Fiesta 5k with my sister and her friend Josie - what a hoot! Considering that we almost didn't do it because of the weather, I think we did a pretty great job.

Is it just me, or does that say "Iran Fiesta"??
It was cold and drizzly the morning of the race, but I was able to go out the night before and get a windbreaker and a pair of running gloves - I learned from my last mistake at the Super Hero 5k! I had ear warmers, too, which I was VERY glad to have.

I was getting all my stuff ready before my sister picked me up, and I have to be honest here - I could not figure out how to put the damn timing chip on. Seriously! What a dweeb, huh? I finally figured it out:

We got to the event venue and hung out with the rest of the crowd, watching the marathon runners in amazement, figuring they had probably already run a 5k as a warm up by the time we got there. I was bundled up and shivering, and they were out running in, as I called it, "a pair of short shorts, a string, and a glove". Seriously, these folks are a different breed altogether!

It was REALLY chilly as we were standing around waiting to start. I took some shots of folks waiting at the start line:

 We got someone to take a pic of the three of us before we started:

 Then this goofy guy was wandering around, so my sis and I had our pics taken with him:

Why is he drinking in MY pic?? Do I have that effect on people or what?
I didn't take any pics out on the course because it was drizzling and I was just too frickin' cold. I finally started warming up when we were about 1/2 mile from the finish, but by then all we could think about was getting to the line and getting out of the wind.

We got someone to take a shot of us with our finisher's medals (my first one EVER!), then hung out for a bit before deciding to head home and get un-chilled.
Proud and happy finishers!

I finished in 54:30.0 according to the official timekeeper, and I'm using that as my base time since it's really the only official 5k time I have. Hopefully next race will be a PR!

My first EVER medal and the gloves and ear warmer that saved my bacon ;-)

We've decided to try and do a 5k every month until we get around to this Fiesta thing again, which we are hoping to be able to run next year. It's fun to have goals!