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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Morning After, Grey's Anatomy, And Other Topics

Yes, I'm going to go there. I am absolutely going to talk about the morning after....

...my semi-disastrous 5k walk race yesterday.

HA! Gotcha! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Actually, all I have to say is that my back, hamstrings, and feet are really sore. Not incapacitating, but enough twinge-y-ness (if that's a word) to remind me that yeah, I really did get my arse handed to me by a 60-something lady pushing a baby stroller while talking on the phone. And her 60-something husband. I'm assuming the baby was a grandchild...if not, I can certainly see why they finished before we did. Those folks are spry!

After getting a lot of encouragement and sound advice from Sig and my awesome bloggy friends, I feel better about yesterday and am determined to improve. Not much more to say about that - actions speak louder than words, am I right?

So, about Grey's Anatomy. Did anyone happen to see the latest new episode, the "Musical Event"? I admit, I was verrrryyyyy skeptical about this one. I just couldn't see how in the heck they could make it work without turning the whole thing into a farce, but somehow they pulled it off. Yeah, some of it was kinda cheesy and a little irritating, but overall this episode had me hanging on a thread. I've only been watching Grey's since Sig introduced me to it last year, but I'm hooked. I am now obsessed by the music featured on the show and rushed out in a buying frenzy to download the tracks from the musical event episode. Well, technically I didn't rush "out" since I bought the music online, but you get the picture. 

Sing it, Sara!
Along those lines, Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie Torres on the show, is my new musical hero. I had NO idea she's a Tony Award winner, but once it dawned on me that she was actually singing her feature songs in the musical episode, I went straight to Google search and did some digging. Folks, this woman has got some serious pipes!! Holy cow!! Judging from various online comments about this episode, people either loved it or hated it...but with rare exception EVERYONE loved Sara's voice. Just amazing.

This scene from the show was chilling...fantastic
Anyway, I've now decided I want to watch Grey's from the very beginning and I figure if I can find or rent the DVDs I can watch them while I'm on the treadmill or spinner. I won't allow myself to watch any episodes unless I'm exercising at the same time - now that's motivation!

In critter news, I am still struggling to get Bailey's mange under control. I absolutely refuse to use the Promeris that was prescribed by my vet after reading horror stories of terrible side effects - not the least of which was how it caused the death of some poor dogs. I found some stuff called Dermisil that I'm going to try today and see if it works. The Goodwinol ointment I tried seemed to work at first, but I stopped using it when I noticed that more bald patches were appearing along her back and sides. Her poor little face looks worse than it did when I first brought her home. Apparently this new stuff smells like rotten eggs (it's sulfur-based) but does the trick, so we'll see. If this doesn't work I'm going to see if I can get Ivermectin from my vet. Fingers crossed!

As if that wasn't enough, Riley had an adventure of her own a few nights ago. She got stung by something - probably a bee, since our neighbors apparently have a beehive in their back yard - and broke out in hives. It was AWFUL - I could literally see the hives appearing as I looked at her, and she was scratching like mad. Her poor nose and face were swollen so much that she looked like a completely different dog. The skin on her belly, normally a nice healthy pink, was fire engine red and she had big red welts all over her belly and insides of her legs. No, I didn't take pictures - I was midnight and I was too worried about Riley. Luckily a dose of Benadryl did the trick and she was back to normal by the next day. Bailey got stung just this morning and her lip is all swollen, so she's had a dose of Benadryl and is snoozing in her crate right now. The city is being notified about the beehive and we're going to keep on them until the neighbors get it taken care of. Luckily, Bailey's crate training is going really well so she can now be left in the house during the day - good thing, too, because no way I'm leaving her outside in this heat.

Enough randomness for today. Be on the lookout for some training reports!  :-)

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Cynthia O'H said...

Dogs are such a concern. Mine is my first baby and we worry about him as much as we our boys.
Give yourself time with running. For some, it doesn't come easily but, once it does, you'll feel awesome.