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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

50% Good, 50% Not So Much

Good: Went to Olive Garden for lunch and ate more salad than fettucine Alfredo. Brought the other 1/2 of the portion home for lunch tomorrow (NOT easy for me to do!)

Not so much: REALLY want to eat that portion now. It's 10:00p.m.

Good: Did the Couch to 5K workout tonight as planned. Didn't bail.

Not so much: Couldn't take the dogs for their usual walk after the run. Why? Wait for it...

Good: Bailey had her last mange treatment today and was pronounced cured...BUT...

Not so much: Discovered when we got home that Bailey is in heat again. WTF?? It's only been 4 months!!

Good: We have a local low-cost spay/neuter clinic that will do the operation.

Not so much: Usual cost is $75 but will be $10 extra because she's in heat. Still better than having puppies we can't afford, though.

Good (?): Trying to get her an appointment for next week.

Not so much: Dog walks will be limited until this is taken care of. Too many loose male dogs in the neighborhood.

Good: Spoke with my Marine to make sure he was still available for the team duathlon (17 DAYS!!!!) and we're still on.

Not so much: He is being deployed on January 1. I know it's what he wants, but it's still scary.

Good: Found a duathlon scheduled for Oct. 2nd and my Marine said he's very interested in teaming up with me again. 

Not so much: I was thinking I might do this one on my own, but it's a 5K/15/5K and I'm not sure I'll be at that level by then. So...I'm excited Marine Mark will be racing with me; I hope to one day be able to do one of these on my own.

Two thoughts fighting for dominance in my head tonight.
  1. How on EARTH do people run miles and miles? I can't even run ONE!
  2. Well, they had to start somewhere. KEEP GOING!!! 
Things I need to make myself do:
  1. Be more consistent - Bike, run, and core training
  2. Stop coming up with excuses NOT to do the above
Simple enough, right?

It's amazing how my own head gets in my way sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

I used to hate running more than anyone I've ever met. It hurt, I could never keep going and I walked all of my training runs.

I ran the 400 in highschool and that was far enough for me.

Something will just click and you will mentally be able to physically push yourself past the 1 mile limit. When that happens, it is magic!

My friends and boyfriend helped tame my fears-running takes a LONG time to develop endurance.

DONT give up! I'm glad I didn't!