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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Turkey Day Rambles

I woke up at 5am from a VERY bad dream involving Riley pup. I won't go into detail (mainly because I can't remember most of it), but I got on the floor with Riley and apologized to her. She's laying on the couch with her head on my leg so I think she forgave me...

My 16 yr. old niece had her wisdom teeth out today. She's doing fine - luckily her surgery wasn't as traumatic as mine was - but she looks like a chipmunk. Kinda cute, except for the gauze stuffed in her mouth...

I got to spend time with my 5 yr. old niece today while her sister was in surgery. You're no one until you've been dissed by a 5 year old at IHOP. This was our conversation:

"Aunt Kat, my pancakes are sticky!"

"It's because of the syrup, Kacie."

"I know, but why did you put syrup on there?"

"Because you told me to."

(Heavy sigh) "Aunt Kat, I'm FIVE."

[No response to this. Can't beat that logic!]

I'm watching "Tootsie", one of my all-time favorite movies. I just love when Dustin Hoffman calls Dabney Coleman a "macho s***head". What a classic line.

My other favorite line is when the Tootsie character is talking to Jessica Lange's character about the lecherous doctor and says she's going to order electric cattle prods for all the nurses so they can "zap him in the badoobies". I can remember laughing my butt off when I heard that line for the first time.

My parents are coming into town tonight, along with my youngest brother, his wife, and their daughter (who is also 5. I'm going to be surrounded). I'm so excited! My family ROCKS!!

For a brief, insane moment I actually considered doing some Christmas shopping on Friday.

At this very moment, I have a Riley pup snuggled up on my left side and a Davidson cat on my right side. Yes, I'm happy.

I got a letter from Mark, one of my former students who just joined the Marine Corps. He's in training at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. I was thrilled to bits to get a letter from him and see how he's doing. Here's how much his letter meant to me - I actually wrote him back BY HAND on the same day. I can't remember the last time I sent anyone a hand-written anything.

It's going to be 92F tomorrow. ON THANKSGIVING DAY. That's just wrong.

I'm finally over my cold so I can start riding again. Yay!

I just registered for the Borderfest 5K. March 6, 2011, folks. It's official! Looks like I get to start running, too...

Enough rambling for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving, bff! Dude, we've known each other so dang long...26 years! I've only been speeking eenglish these tventy-six yeers...prrr, I love you! Love to Shan! pd pd pd.