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Saturday, February 19, 2011

ANNOUNCING....A New Arrival!!

If you've been reading this blog for a while you've already met or heard of the following characters:

Franklin Thomas

Harley D.

H. Davidson

Riley J.

Casey Grey

Well, there's a new puppy in town...

Everyone, meet Bailey Jo!!

Bailey Jo

I found Bailey on Thursday morning at school. I had to take my classes outside to complete a fitness test (don't ask) and she was running around school. I spotted her first with my 2nd hour class and the girls said they had seen the security guards trying to shoo her off campus earlier that morning. I sent one of the girls to the office to tell them that I wanted the dog if anyone caught her - my main goal here was to save her from animal control, cuz we all know what THAT means...

I thought she had disappeared, but we spotted her during my 3rd hour class and the boys helped me get her back to my classroom. She was very calm and sweet, although a bit shy, and was obviously very tired and kind of relieved to be inside. She drank some water and walked around a bit, and I kept her there while my 4th hour class came in. I was holding the puppy while the girls came in, and she stood very calmly while they gathered around and petted her. By this point, I had already decided I was taking her home, so my co-teacher went home quickly to get a spare collar and leash for me to borrow. I had to take some of the girls outside for the fitness test so the ones who had already taken it stayed in the room with my co-teacher. The puppy fell asleep and stayed curled up in a ball until I got back.

I brought her home during my lunch hour and made sure she was safe in the back yard. I could see she had fleas and a skin condition so I couldn't bring her in the house with my other dogs. I have a small fenced in area in the back yard (which is also fenced) and I put her in there, made a bed for her, and made sure she had fresh water and food. She seemed to be in a bit of a daze, so I talked to her and petted her for a while before heading back to school.

I got her to the vet the next day, and it's a good thing I did. It's clear she's been neglected for a while, which is doubly sad since she's only about a year old. How ANYONE could neglect this precious puppy is just beyond me. Among her laundry list of issues: flea infestation (taken care of),... anemia (being treated), worms (from the fleas - treated), yeast and bacteria in her ears (being treated), and demodectic mange (luckily not contagious to other dogs or people - being treated). No heartworm, no parvo, nothing abnormal in her bloodwork aside from the anemia. Her teeth are in great shape, her heart is strong, and she had none of the cuts or injuries you might expect from a street dog. 

The most amazing thing about this puppy is that she is INCREDIBLY sweet. She doesn't growl or snap at people, and she even lets me pet her while she's eating. She has to stay outside and be quarantined from the other critters until next Friday just to be on the safe side - which breaks my heart - but she's already looking a million times better. She has new new collar and tags and got most of her vaccinations at the vet - the rest will be administered at her 3 week checkup. She met Casey and Riley through the fence and the results were: Casey = excited, Riley = barky head. Riley seems to really want to play, but we'll see what happens when they're actually on the same side of the fence.

Here are some photos I took of her today:

New chew toy

Of course - the HD collar ;-)

You can see the little bit of mange on her sweet face

Hello! I'm Bailey!

We're taking care of that mange, aren't we?

Such a pretty puppy!

Riley REALLY wants that bone

But Riley can't have it!

So as you can see, we have a way to go before she's completely healthy, but we'll get there! I just can't wait for the day she gets to come inside and play with her new big sisters!

The vet recommended a medication called Promeris to help treat this demodetic mange, but after reading up on the medication I'm not so sure. It sounds kind of scary to me, so I'm hesitating to use it. Has anyone else had experience with either this type of mange (on your dog lol) or this medication? I'd sure appreciate any advice! The mange is localized and only on her face, but I really want to take care of it so it doesn't get any worse. She's getting a bath tomorrow so that will help.

Welcome to the family, Bailey Jo!!


Cynthia O'H said...

Oh, she is adorable. You are a good, good person to look after her like that.

Our dog had mange on his face when he was little (also a rescue dog). He was on meds but I can't remember the name - big, honking pills. Okay, that was useless information. We also gave him something to relax him so that he slept more and didn't scratch at it as much. You really have to trust your vet with this, I think.

Caratunk Girl said...

OH MY GOD!! Bailey is adorable!! SO SWEET! I am so happy you saved her. I do not know much about mange treatment...but I would call somewhere and see if you can find a second opinion on treatment options maybe? Then at least you would know if there was other options, and what they were. Good luck and keep us posted!! I love the family pictures, btw.