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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Triple Dog Dare You!!

Life with three dogs is definitely interesting! Try it! I triple d....well...you get the picture....

Having an outside dog - even a temporarily outside one - is definitely an adjustment. It's also possum season around here and they tend to scuttle around on fence tops...I assume this is why Bailey tends to bark like a crazy hound in the middle of the night. Oy. One thing I have learned, though - no matter how many dogs may be barking in the neighborhood, I'm convinced MY barky dog is the one who will ultimately provoke the neighbors into calling the police, so it sets me on edge. Yeah, there have been some sleepless nights around here...but I'm not complaining!

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a complete sucker softie when it comes to animals. Naturally, I've been feeling guilty about Bailey having to live outside since I brought her home. I go out there as much as I can and spend time with her, but there are long periods of time when she's alone. Casey and Riley are alone, but at least they're alone together (if that makes sense). I know I need to be patient and not risk the health of my other critters; it breaks my heart to see her watching the other dogs go inside and leave her out all alone at night...in the dark...where there are noises and things that go bump in the night.

Yes, I KNOW she's "just" a dog...but really, she isn't. None of my dogs are "just" dogs, or cats "just" cats. They're my friends, my companions, my confidants...my children, in a furry, cuddly, barky, meowy, doggy and kitty breath kinda way. I know many of you are critter people as well and totally get what I'm saying, even as the non-critter people must think I'm completely insane. That's okay. I don't mind being THIS kind of insane...

Casey and Riley were both rescues. Casey was adopted from the local Humane Society when she was about 4 weeks old and Riley was adopted at about 6 weeks old from Recycled Rovers. The three cats are rescues as well. Bailey is a rescue but is really the first "street dog" (sounds like a bad name for a rapper, doesn't it?) I've ever rescued. Plus, she's older than the other two were when they were adopted, which makes things a lot more interesting. There's so much unknown about this sweet little Bailey puppy. I find myself wondering about her previous life a lot. I wonder where all she has been, how she survived at such a young age, what she ate, where she found water. I wonder what kind of people had her before, how they treated her, where she lived. I wonder what she thinks about her new life, about her new home. I just want her to be happy and healthy and safe.

I think I've mentioned that Riley is very skittish and nervous around other dogs. This has been a big concern: how will she feel about another dog joining the family? She has met Bailey through the fence and they do that dog romping thing where they run up and down either side of the fence and make silly noises at each other. We decided to let them meet outside of the fence on leash the other day and it went so-so. Bailey was super excited to actually be on the same side of the fence as the other two and I think her puppy energy made Riley nervous so that didn't last long, but it was a start.

Today was an adventure, though. They were having so much fun running along the fence that I thought, what the heck? I let Bailey out and they romped around the yard like crazy things. Riley was still nervous and had her tail tucked some of the time, but she eventually got kind of used to Bailey and they looked like they were having fun. Very exciting!

The next test was when we decided to take all three dogs on a walk at the same time. I'm pleased to say all three dogs did GREAT! After their initial excitement at being out in the world, they all settled down and we had a great walk. Bailey is really great on leash once she gets settled down. She walks right by my side and doesn't pull or anything (unless she sees a cat). I'm VERY pleased and excited that she has taken to the leash so quickly. Now ALL of our walks can be together!!

After talking to some people and doing more research, I decided to hold off on the Promeris for now. I found a product called Goodwinol ointment that is specifically for demodectic mange (demodex) and, after doing more research, I'm going to try it first and see how it goes. It seems less toxic with less potential side effects and has gotten good reviews, so it's worth a shot. 

Here are a few shots I took of the girls today:

Happy Bailey!

Not sure why she looks so worried. Maybe she thought I was going to steal her food??

Diggin' in....mmmmmm.....

Riley and Bailey playing chase..sort of...

Getting to know you.....

Look at that goofy puppy grin!

Riley and Casey checkin out Bailey's pad (yes, that's a washing machine in the back yard. Don't judge.)

Happy Bailey!

Yup, LOVE me some chew bone!

Why yes, as a matter of fact I AM gorgeous!       

Oh yeah. She's doing great.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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She said I need a goal said...

Love the pics. I'm definitely a dog person but don't have one (or two) anymore, I'm not home enough but come retirement I'm going to have 7.

I animal sit most of my friends animals though..